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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation Practice Details

The firm’s commercial litigation practice is broad-based, ranging from commercial contracts and business torts, to insurance coverage, negotiable instruments, and equipment leasing. With our large-firm experience, we are comfortable representing the local commercial painting contractor as well as the global plastics manufacturer. Here are examples of commercial litigation matters we have handled:

  • Our global plastics manufacturing client supplied its customer with raw material used in the manufacturing of PVC products. Although the customer seemingly had the resources to pay its other suppliers, the customer balked at paying our client. We commenced private arbitration to collect a $1 million receivable.

  • Our commercial painting contractor client worked on a high-profile condominium tower project. The general contractor assessed back-charges against our client for damage allegedly caused by our client. We dug deep into the documentation supporting the back-charges and discovered several instances in which the general contractor had actually recovered twice, once from our client and once more from the insurance carrier. Armed with this information, we obtained a good settlement for our client.

  • Our enterprise software consulting client was threatened by a business partner with a lawsuit over our client’s hiring of a key employee. We successfully persuaded our opposing counsel that its client had no viable claim. The parties reached an amicable resolution and went their separate ways.

  • Our international sales representative company client successfully procured a lucrative, multi-million dollar program for its principal.  Once that contract was secured, the company took steps to freeze out its representative to avoid paying commissions.  We commenced arbitration, prevailed after a four-day hearing, and were awarded attorneys' fees on top of unpaid commissions.
  • Contract Disputes
  • Fraud/Business Torts
  • Corporate Governance Disputes
  • Banking/Negotiable Instruments
  • Product/Warranty

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